Customer Service


Original Equipment Manufacturing OEM Products

Total support for creating products for our clients brand image.


Detailed interview

We will expertly listen to your requirements regarding brush usage, tip shape, handle color, size, logo printing, quantity and budget.
Initialy, we discuss generally by phone or email.
If possible, showing a similar product or sample makes the process much smoother.


Product Specifications

Based on customer specifics, we present a preliminary estimate and sample image of the brush or drawing, as well as time schedule.

Prototype developments

Precise Prototyping Procedure

At your request, we will present a sample production schedule and begin making the prototype.
(Paid or Free)
When completed to specification, we present a formal quotation based on quantity and further alterations.


From Order to Delivery

Once the specifics are finalized, and we receive your purchase order we procure necessary components and begin manufacturing.
After your OEM order has passed our rigorous internal inspection process, we ship the completed product.


Your own logo on our pre-made brushes. Semi-Order

We can add custom logos to our pre-made brushes, (Mizuho Original Brand only). Smaller lot orders are now accepted and can be produced within a shorter due date. See standard procedure below.


Detailed step by step interview

We will discuss your requested brush type and budgets in a hearing session. (E-mail or online sessions) ※The minimum lot of order starts at 50pcs/type.

Design selection

Brushes may be chosen from Mizuho brush line.

Logo placement/prototypes

Using images and sample products as reference, we will determine the color/size of the logo which will be added to the products.


Once your order is placed, the estimated lead time is 2 months. (Consulting may take place depending on the order quantity.)


Mizuho Original Brand products

Corporations requesting our original brand products please contact us.

Mizuho Brush

The original brand products may be viewed from our website linked here.

Mizuho Brush

MB series is our premium model utilizing Mizuho's advanced technique, with Good Design Award winning simple design and functionality.
We believe that this brush line is essential for those who will seek beauty from within themselves because of the beautiful design and joy to use.

MizuhoBrush OnlineShop


The design both simple and soft, in addition to its functionality, allows the user a graceful poise and brings out an aesthetic sentiment in the spirit. SHAQUDA proposes a lifestyle filled with comfort and inspiration, introducing a new era of brushes.